Retail Consultancy

  • Strategy Development and Planning
    Marketing Management
    Retail Operations Management
    Product Procurement
    Store Formats and Layout Planning
    Recruitment Support
    Training and Development
    Performance Measurement System (PMS)
    Highlights of our Retail Services
    Retail Operations Management
    A major cause of stores’ nonperformance lies in their different standards and inconsistent service level. Our Team specialize in supporting Retailers to plan, implement and execute a comprehensive Retail Operation Management system starting from store opening to its day to day activity management. We help companies develop a unique, consistent and sustainable customer experience that aligns their strategy and positioning with the right execution practices to sustain existing customers and win new customers.

    Retailers today have unique opportunities to drive conversion, efficiency and profit through improved operations across the business. By analyzing current operations, we can identify these opportunities in areas such as product and merchandising, store format and layout, brand positioning, brand image and communications, cross channel and/or cross geography customer experience, organization and execution.

    Our team has experience in developing and grooming ideal store team’s formats by helping retailers to refine service models and related HR policies, as well as training programs. We can provide comprehensive measurement by refining retail and organization performance metrics and supporting retail systems. We can help determine operating processes by defining specific merchandising, store operations, marketing and corporate support processes, and integration and system requirements. Our experts’ team has demonstrated success with global retailers, regional players and new start-up concepts across all segments of retailing.

    We understand the ingredient to create a great and unique customer experience and how to deliver it consistently, time and again, across all touch-points and channels. We help clients identify their best opportunities for strengthening long-term relationships with their target customers.

  • Ideal Customer experience
  • Process & Productivity Improvement
  • Retail Standards and development of Standard Operation Procedure
  • Aftersales Service Improvement
  • Brand image through Visual Merchandising standards

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