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    Highlights of our Retail Services
    Marketing Management
    Most of the successful and experienced retailers and companies set aside hefty budgets for their annual Marketing activities but the budgets provided for in-store marketing are normally the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the marketing budgets which are lavishly allocated to other media like magazines etc. Whatever type of retail you are in, all the awards and the glory go to the latest TV campaign or the look of the new catalogue.

    Our team believe that what happens in your Point of sales (POS), is the most effective communication window you have with your customers. We work with your team to evaluate and improve all your customer in-store messages, reducing cost, easing execution and, most importantly, improving sales. Our principles are clear and focused and we make sure your customer has a 'reason to buy' and knows 'how to buy'. Making these two principles absolutely clear across all your in-store point of sale, helps create a clarity of brand and message that not only supports the other channels but it brings them to life. If you think your in-store marketing is not delivering, we have the answers with our in depth knowledge and experience.

  • Brand awareness and Values
  • Brand Communication to team and customers
  • Direct Marketing to Customers
  • In store Promotions and Events

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